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Life in Touch ~ Learning Center offers a wide variety of courses to meet the continuing education needs of professional massage therapists & bodywork practitioners.  What makes us different?  Class sizes range from 2 - 14 participants, which allows for skilled personal instruction.  All tools & supplies provided.  Bodywork practiced in all courses!

Affordable            Fun Learning Environment

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***Course details located below schedule***

Courses are from 9am - 6pm in Greensboro, unless otherwise specified     

SEP 25                    ETHICS - BOUNDARIES (3 CE)                                       $ 80                  Tuesday 6pm- 9pm

OCT 2 & 16            HOT STONE THERAPY (16 CE) 2-Day Course                $295


OCT 9 CANCELLED  ETHICS - BOUNDARIES (3 CE)                                     $ 80                  Winston-Salem, Tuesday 6pm- 9pm

OCT 14                   PRE-NATAL (6 CE)                                                          $160                  Sunday 9am - 4pm

OCT 28                   EXCEPTIONAL FOOT MASSAGE (8 CE)                        $180 

OCT 30                   SELF-CARE PRACTICES (4 CE)                                    $ 90                   Tuesday 5pm - 9pm   

DEC 11                  VISION, MISSION, PURPOSE (2 CE)                              $  40                 Tuesday 6pm - 8pm

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NCBTMB Approved CE Provider # 925


Self Care Practices - Course expands student therapist's knowledge and skills in the practice of self-care, and how it can benefit the delivery and longevity of their career.  Course instructs on basics of essential oils, meditation, breathing techniques, stretches, exercises and Qigong.  Self-application, implementation and execution of integrating hot & cold therapy into their current schedule.  Students leave with the confidence to immediately utilize their new skills.

Aromatherapy 101 - Course Course introduces and expands therapist’s knowledge of essential oils and aromatherapy.  A brief overview of the history of essential oil use & aromatherapy will begin a foundation providing insight into ways essential oils have been used by civilizations throughout the centuries.  The main essential oils discussed will be lavender, peppermint and lemon - these are the most commonly used oils in massage & spa treatment protocols. Students will be introduced to an essential oil massage protocol for overall wellness & relaxation.  Students will leave with a plan to introduce their clients to essential oils and the power of aromatherapy.  Students leave with the confidence to immediately utilize their new skills.   Receive a complimentary set of essentials.

Exceptional Foot Massage -  Course expands student’s knowledge and skills in the area of foot massage.  Course identifies indications & contraindications for feet, as well as the history of foot massage.  Course instructs on advanced foot massage, as well as the essential oils that improve the effectiveness of the session, basic stretches and an overview of reflexology. Students will learn how to impact reflexology points, without expressing any diagnosis to the client, in order to remain inside our scope of practice. Students will get ample opportunity to practice new techniques, to ensure clarity of skills learned and comfort in providing an exceptional foot massage.  Students will be educated and practice delivering an add-on sales script to increase dollar per hour per client. 

Ethics: Boundaries - Course expands student’s communication skills for some of the common conversations necessary in running a successful, ethical practice.  Students will identify current scripts and design, practice and evaluate how to deliver newly designed scripts for conversations like chronic tardiness, excessive cancellations, and how to communicate and enforce policies.  Students will create and practice delivering scripts to cover a variety of situations, so that intentions are fulfilled and misinterpretations avoided.  Participants will obtain constructive feedback following presentations.


Teacher Training Curriculum - Course introduces participants to the skills needed to instruct others.  Participants will discuss various learning styles and methods for presenting course materials to include all learning styles.  Participants will learn the structure/logic of an effective lesson plan which includes all 3 learning styles.  Participants will leave having designed a 6 hour course/workshop, including elements to establish guidelines, set expectations, create a safe learning environment and present a portion to the class for feedback. Participants will assess their own strengths and weaknesses in regards to teaching and communication and create goals for improvement. Participants leave with the confidence to immediately utilize their new skill. Attention teachers currently teaching, you may take any of these courses to fulfill your CE renewal requirements.


Hot Stone Therapy - 2 Day Course introduces students to the modality of hot stone massage.  Course instructs on application, implementation and execution of integrating hot stones into a current massage practice.  Interaction and practice with hot stones throughout the course, as well sanitation and safety practices.  Participants leave with the confidence to immediately utilize their new skill.


Cold Stone Facials - Course expands student therapist’s knowledge and skills in the application of hot and cold stones to the body & face.  Course instructs on advanced application, implementation and execution of integrating cold stone facials into their current massage practice.  Students practice with other options for providing heat & cold to support cold stone facial session.  Introduction to Chakras, instruction in Chakra layout and Spinal layout sequence. Students leave with the confidence to immediately utilize their new skills.


Marketing with Chair Massage - Course is great for anyone who needs more clients, those working for others and those in private practice. Course offers powerful direction in marketing your business, using chair massage as a possible vehicle for implementation.  Practice with scripts to use language that produces bookings and rebookings.  Course expands knowledge base and guides students in proper techniques for treating clients using massage chair.  Interaction and practice with a variety of massage chairs throughout the course, as well as sanitation and safety practices.  Instruction on implementation and execution of chair massage events, as a method of building their client base and producing revenue.  Students leave with various skills, along with an action plan to follow, in order to immediately start to apply the learnings of this course.  

Business & Marketing Basics - Course introduces students to business basics – vision, mission, goal setting and implementation.  Students practice designing and presenting vision and mission to a group, as preparation for marketing business. Students identify and determine strategies to reach revenue goals and create 90 day SMART goals.  Course applicable for sole proprietors and for those seeking employment or currently working with any practice.  


Deep Tissue: Lower Extremity - Course expands therapist’s knowledge and skills in deep tissue techniques regarding the lower extremity.  Course instructs on application and integration of lower extremity deep tissue techniques into a current massage practice.  Interaction and practice with techniques throughout the course, as well communication and safety practices.  Participants leave with the confidence to immediately utilize their new skill.

Courses coming soon: Pre-Natal ~ Deep Tissue: Upper Extremity ~ Deep Tissue: Torso ~ Reiki - Level 1

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