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Cost per workshop $45 OR choose all 3 Business Skills Workshops for only $100 

SMART Goal Setting

Course introduces participants to the SMART goal strategy, as a powerful tool to determine plans and identify actions to live a full, healthy, prosperous life. Practice in determining 1, 3 & 5 year goals, as well as creating 90 day SMART goals that move you toward your overall life goals.  Course applicable for anyone - create life goals, relationship goals &/or business goals.  Includes 90-days of group phone coaching.  Winter 2019 dates available by request  

Passion Driven Time Management

Course introduces participants to the time management skills, required to live a balanced life.  Course takes a unique approach to time management, living from your passions and what's matters most to you.  This is a powerful tool to living a full, healthy, prosperous life.  Participants evaluate and determine tasks, actions, goals and timelines for achieving 1, 3 & 5 year goals.  Course applicable for anyone.  Includes 2-week time management study and 90-days of group phone coaching. Winter 2019 dates available by request

The Power of Vision Boards (Vision-Mission-Purpose)

Course guides participants through the process of creating a vision board, not a dream board.  Participants distinguish what matters to them, their goals, dreams and inspirations.  Participants explore a variety of magazines to choose pictures & words that elicit strong emotions and insight activity to move in that direction.  Participants finish course by sharing their vision boards with the class – reinforcing the power of sharing and speaking vision into existence. Winter 2019 dates available by request



Aromatherapy 101

Course introduces and expands your knowledge of essential oils and aromatherapy.  A brief overview of how to choose quality oils.  The main essential oils discussed will be lavender, peppermint and lemon - these are the most commonly used oils in massage & spa treatment protocols. Students will be introduced to an essential oil massage protocol for overall wellness & relaxation.  Students will leave with a plan to introduce their family to essential oils and the power of aromatherapy.  Students leave with the confidence to immediately utilize their new skills.   Receive a complimentary set of essential oils along with several recipes for cooking with essential oils.  Only $45  

Winter 2019 dates available by request

Self Care Practices

Course expands your knowledge and skills in the practice of self-care, and how it can be an excellent, effective addition to your health care routine.  Course instructs on basis of meditation, breathing techniques, stretches, restorative poses and Qigong. Self-application, implementation and execution of integrating heat & cold therapy into their current schedule, as well as simple tools you can purchase to aid in the delivery to relax specific muscles.  Students leave with the confidence to immediately utilize their new skills. Only $45  

Winter 2019 dates available by request


Mindfulness Meditation

Discover the peace and calm for which you long... even in the midst of overwhelm!  Mindfulness offers a proven way to let your worries fall away... a way to experience the rich life right in front of you.  Here is where you find peace - NOW is when you claim it.  8 weekly 45-60 minute sessions of mindfulness practice - Call Lina 336-688-8159 to reserve your spot - space is limited.

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