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Services and Rates

Come experience a powerful, effective massage session designed to meet your specific needs - a choice of Swedish or Deep Tissue provides you with the ultimate in mind/body relaxation and rejuvenation.  See below for full list of services and add on options.

  Integrated Therapeutic Massage Sessions

   90 minutes - $130

120 minutes - $150

Each session is a full hands-on experience for the time allotted (ie. 90-minute session means 90 minutes of actual massage), can include Hot & Cold Contrast Therapy, Thai Yoga Bodywork, Sound Therapy & Aromatherapy.

      Add Hot Stone Massage or Cold Stone Facial             90-minute or 2-hour session for only $10


Other Massage Session Options

60-minute Massage - $95

This is an excellent introduction to massage.  Choose between Full Body Relaxation Massage or Targeted Deep Tissue Massage.  Aromatherapy & hot towels included. 

Upgrade to Hot Stone Massage OR Cold Stone Facial for only $20


45-minute Lymphatic Drainage Session - $95

Never heard of lymphatic drainage?  You aren't alone.  This highly effective therapy improves your immune system, relaxes your nervous system and reduces swelling.  The majority of clients require a series of sessions post surgery to speed the reduction of excess swelling around the incision sites.  This is a highly specialized treatment, and we are one of the few studios in town who provide this service.

50-minute Sound Therapy Session - $80

Never heard of sound therapy?  You aren't alone.  This highly effective therapy utilizes auditory tools - rattles, singing bowls, tuning forks, rain sticks, tingsha chimes and silence.  Sound therapy is a non-invasive methodology which works with vibratory energy created through sound.  Vibration is believed to effect your body's functions such as blood pressure and breathing.  This session will leave you relaxed, clear headed and with an improved sense of well being. 

50-minute Aromatherapy Massage - $80

This powerful aromatherapy massage session combines essential oils to create a sense of relaxation, mental clarity and peace.  Oils are applied to specific areas of the posterior body (Head, Neck, Shoulders, Back & Feet) to promote better health - reduces muscle pain & tension, supports healthy immune system and can improve mood in a positive way.


We suggest you arrive a few minutes early, to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of our relaxation room. Drink a cup of tea, read a magazine or just rest your eyes, while you let go of the stresses of your day. 

A brief consultation at the beginning of your visit allows us to design a personalized massage to meet the needs of your body.  At the end of your hands-on treatment, you are invited and encouraged to stay and rest on the table while the sounds of soothing music leave you floating on air. 

Other modalities available by request 

Thai Yoga Bodywork ~ Stretch Sessions

Foot Reflexology ~ Reiki Energy Work

Cold Stone Facials ~ Prenatal & Infant Massage

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